Social Media Masturbation

They call it Social Media Marketing. It just occurred to me if I could call it Social Media Masturbation. I have nothing against Social Media. In fact, it is my daily dal-khichdi.┬áBut just like masturbation wastes away our energies in one go, doesn’t social media do the same with our thoughts?

Here is a thought that has come to my mind. Instead of letting it develop further & deeper, I get interrupted by the urge to tweet it away – waste it away! Once I have tweeted it, I’m more interested in seeing if any tweeple replied to it – if anyone ‘liked’ or commented on it – if some angel re-tweeted it. And in this process of anticipating feedback, I get lost in my Facebook / Twitter feed. The actual thought just doesn’t mature. I kill an immature thought by publishing it.

I believe that the more deeper we go within, our need to express dies away. There is nothing relevant to express / communicate. But we don’t let this happen – and social media is only contributing to this – making gratification easy – even for our shallow thoughts.

The urban dictionary gives a slightly different definition for Social Media Masturbation. But I prefer this one: Thoughtless dissipation of half-thought thoughts to enjoy easy gratification.

This short article too is an example of the above mentioned phenomena. Thank you for reading.