While preparing for an interview…

In the process of knowing a wide range of current issues, I compromised on my depth of understanding a single issue

In the anxiety to finish off a large number of news articles, I compromised on grasping the value of even one article

In the desire to memorize a series of words and facts without grasping their meaning, I lose the capacity to recall them at will

In the habit of keeping all my chrome tabs open, I scatter my precious presence from the task I’m doing

In a hurry to type out this particular piece of writing, I am compromising on the moments I could sit and simply ‘see’ my thoughts and physical movements.


May I practice that witness state, by which I see my fingers type on the keyboard while I remain a witness to this beautiful movement of my fingers.

It’s a beautiful feeling now when everything is happening for the first time.

In a perfect writing down of my stream of consciousness, I feel satisfied that the text in the stanzas has come from past tense to NOW tense.


Relax – be patient with yourself

Most of us want to grow quickly and be done with it. The reality is that growth is slow. Growth is gradual.

This blog article is inspired by Mr. John. C. Maxwell’s book – ‘Talent is Never Enough’.

True growth is slow.

To be successful, we should start with small things and do them everyday.

Have patience with all things, but chiefly, have patience with yourself.

Do not lose courage in accepting your own imperfections. Instead, instantly start remedying them.

Everyday, begin the task anew.

(Read out the above lines slowly once again. This time, read them real slow).

Exam Stress

This blog article is being written under (competitive) exam-related stress. The purpose is to alleviate that stress by passing it onto my keyboard.

Any activity can become stressful when there is too much ‘doing’ involved in it. Preparing for exams is one such activity. Here, we are consciously pushing ourselves to study. We ‘know’ that a lot is at stake. “This exam can save one year of my life” – is what we believe! – a 2-hour exam can ‘save’ 365 X 24 hours of our life! – are we playing lottery with ourselves? But that’s how our belief system works under pressure.

Here is a list of ways that can help us assuage this state of anxiety and stress:

1. Write out a blog which talks about reducing stress. When you write, you will realize that you know it all and that you just have to apply what you write. Writing out the ways of reducing stress will lend better credibility to those beliefs in you. You will start believing them more.

2. Make sure you have several back-up plans. Thus, considerably lessen the things which may be at stake because of the exam.

3. Share your feelings with the ones who love you. I do it with my mum. I tell her everything I am going through. This helps me a lot. Pouring out the mind’s negative thoughts helps me to then nurture positive thoughts.

4. Start controlling your thoughts consciously. Thoughts will run wild when you are anxious. Remember, you are the Master.

5. When you are under stress, you are bound to be negative – you are bound to say ‘no’ more frequently. You are bound to be more anxious. Accept it. Accept yourself as you are and love yourself.

6. See the macro view – make a long-term plan. Remember, Growth is gradual.

7. Pray.