He could feel his heart-beat – his anxiety. He was conscious about his scattering attention, his inability to concentrate and effortlessly focus on the subject (of his attention) for more than a few seconds. Meditation in such a situation seemed difficult – one thing that he felt could help him was good content – be it in any form – written text, audio, video – that which could hold his attention to it for a few minutes at the least – that which could help him calm down for a while by being completely involved in it. In spite (and as a result) of being overloaded with information, he yearned for ‘good’ content. It was also not that there wasn’t enough good content; He even knew where to search for it on the internet. It was the mind that just didn’t want to pause and give chance to any kind of content to make its impact. Sorry state of a mind that was not in a state of acceptance.



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