For writers who don’t write

The most difficult task you can give a writer is that of writing.

English: penulis = writer
English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He can think: A writer can think perpetually. He may be walking with his friends or may be in the middle of a crowded room. But his mind is constantly chattering to itself. Sometimes, quality thoughts which can make a wholesome article come to him on the commode. He never puts them down.

He can inspire: A ‘true’ writer inspires others to write. He appreciates others’ writing. Sometimes it is genuine. And often it is just to encourage the other to write more and write better. Nevertheless, he appreciates. But he never writes.

He can edit: When he comes across his friend’s writing, he is quick to make corrections. His intention is purely to improve his friend’s work. The quality of the work may be average. He tries his best to improve it using his own skill. But he never writes.

He can write: But he never does.

If you think you are a writer, here’s some inspiration from your buddy. You may help improve others’ writing with your editing skills. But help yourself too. Please write. We will take care of the ‘Publish’ button.



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