Mind Writing

Below is a small poetry that I wrote as a part of my ‘Creative Writing’ assignment during my college days. The remark that I got on the paper was – ‘Philosophical, but interesting.’ I am yet to figure out what she meant by this. Anyway, here we go…

Mind writing

“Write what others like”

Shouted an eager Mind when I began to write

But that ‘I’ in my mind reasoned,

Why not write what I like?

“Hunger to be acknowledged-”, Answered Mind.

“-How very result oriented have I become!-”Admitted Mind

“-Who works not unless given an incentive or motivation,

Thereby draws no pleasure when work is actually in progression.”

“Derive all your pleasure from the work itself,” says The Bhaagwat,

“For the result is decided by me The Creator of The Bhaagwat”

But who can tame this irrational Mind,

Who expects and often dreams the future results even before starting the work?

“I can tame” – comes a voice from within

Only to find that it is my own mind

Alert and conscious now, wherein,

It can be now said to be in a state divine

“Write anything when you are not confined.”- Says Mind

“Just make sure you enjoy the process-

And in your course hurt not the mankind”-Says the rational Mind

So here I write, write out my mind.


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