Papa talks to God

puja room

Papa talks to God in our ‘puja room’. I used to find it funny when I was 12. Now I admire him for it. When I am only able to say things to Him in my mind, papa is able to make it more ‘real’.

Papa is too simple unlike an ‘intellectual’ me who has/wants an explanation for everything. He doesn’t know why he talks to God in voice and not just think to Him. I presume he must be really enjoying the monologue. He has been talking to God at least since 10 years now.

What papa talks

Papa talks everyday stuff – tells Him the things that have been happening in his life. The talk happens in Hindi. When I asked papa what he talks, this is what he had to say:

“I start with “tera laakh laakh shukar hai for…

(yes he likes being dramatic).

I ask God for 3 things:

1. May the business go fine.

2. May the home be fine (By home, he means my mom!)

3. May there be good health.”

So genuine – things that he exactly wants.

I so admire this good habit that I can go on appreciating it.

How I think it works

I could not stop myself from thinking more about this good habit when these often-read words came to my mind.

1. Watch your thoughts. They become words.

2. Watch your words. They become actions.

3. Watch your actions. They become habits. 

4. Watch your habits. They become character.

5. Watch your character. They become destiny. 

TING! It flashed!

Papa is going through process #2 (where words become actions). I am stuck at process #1 (between process #1 and 2 to be precise, where thoughts are on the way to becoming words).

I have had my share of good thoughts too – but seldom vocally expressed them to God – exactly the reason why my ‘well-intended’ thoughts did not become actions.

Is it dramatic?

Mum told papa that the thank you part sounded a bit dramatic.

“God has never told me that it is too dramatic!” was his firm response.

“Oh! It’s a dialogue and not a monologue” – I said to myself.



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