Why do people blog?

To express themselves?

To ward off their loneliness?

To better their writing skills?

To channeling their energies into something creative?
To express without the fear of being said ‘no’ or insulted?Do they have someone in their mind as they write each blog of theirs? Does their state of mind with that ‘someone’ in mind affect what they write?

Are people able to express themselves fully and truly in their blogs? Or are they concerned about ‘what would people think?’ Are they able to truly type down whatever is coming to their mind then? – their stream of consciousness?Do they bother about spelling and grammar? Punctuations?

Do they type down all that they feel like and then hesitate to post it? Or even Cut and Paste it in MsWord, and save it?

Does the E-go play a very BIG part in writing and publishing blogs for everyone to read?

Or do they write to reflect on it at a later time & know themselves better?



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